Board Members

Officers / Board Members

  • Roger Short, President
  • Steve Marble, Vice President
  • Jim Story, Treasurer
  • Sue Forde, Secretary

Other Board Members

  • Bob Forde, Board Member
  • Norm MacLeod, Board Member
  • Jim Fritz, Board Member


  • Legislative – Bob Forde, Chair
  • Policy Development – Norm MacLeod, Chair
  • Webmaster – Sue Forde

Open Positions for Committees

  • Membership
  • Public Relations / Info
  • Land Use Planning & GMA
  • Water Issues
  • Scholarship
  • Labor
  • Ag Education & Awareness / FFA
  • Safety
  • Clallam County Fair
  • Jefferson County Fair


The Grassroots of Farm Bureau

In 1920, farmers and ranchers across the state of Washington joined together to form the Washington Farm Bureau to raise a united voice on policies and issues that affected their future. Truly grassroots in nature, the Washington Farm Bureau has grown to include 25 county Farm Bureaus and more than 34,000 member families, representing all of the agricultural commodities in Washington State. The Farm Bureau is recognized for the unique way in which policy is established. Through a grassroots process, county Farm Bureaus and state committees draft policy resolutions that become eligible for consideration as policies of the Washington Farm Bureau and American Farm Bureau Federation.


With its state office in Lacey, the Washington Farm Bureau continues to work for solutions to the challenges that face the agricultural community. Agriculture is a major component of the states economy, and the Washington Farm Bureau is the united voice on the issues that affect family farmers and ranchers.


The Washington Farm Bureau joins with the other 49 states and Puerto Rico to form the American Farm Bureau Federation with more then 6 million member families. As the largest and most influential voluntary organization of active farmers and ranchers, Farm Bureau is nationally acknowledged as the united voice of agriculture. Farm Bureau is recognized by the U.S. Congress as the most influential of all agricultural organizations. The president of the American Farm Bureau Federation is frequently recognized as the most influential person in U.S. agriculture. With its office in Washington D.C., the American Farm Bureau Federation continues the tradition of representing the agricultural community on national issues.


The North Olympic Farm Bureau combines farm bureau members in Jefferson and Clallam Counties – two neighboring counties on the North Olympic Peninsula.  With representation from each county working toward solving common problems and reaching goals that will help small to medium sized farms in the area, the NOFB is making a difference.  If you are a farmer, or have an interest in farming, please join us!