Washington Farm Bureau announces recipients of 2014 Friend of Farm Bureau award

News Release from WFB
Posted 7/24/2014

Washington Farm Bureau – the state’s largest general farm organization, representing more than 41,000 member families – named the recipients of this year’s Friend of Farm Bureau award. The award is presented to members of the state Legislature who achieved a score of 80 percent or higher for their votes on a list of bills identified by Farm Bureau as being critical to the state’s agricultural industry.

The following legislators received the 2014 award:
House: Bruce Chandler, Cathy Dahlquist, Susan Fagan, Larry Haler, Mark Hargrove, Paul Harris, Brad Hawkins, Dave Hayes, Mike Hope, Graham Hunt, Norm Johnson, Linda Kochmar, Joel Kretz, Dan Kristiansen, Drew MacEwan, Chad Magendanz, Dick Muri, Terry Nealey, Liz Pike, Jay Rodne, Charles Ross, Joe Schmick, Shelly Short, Norma Smith, Brandon Vick, Maureen Walsh, Judy Warnick, J.T. Wilcox, Hans Zeiger, Richard DeBolt, Kevin Parker, Vincent Buys, Leonardo Christian, Cary Condotta, Kathy Haigh, Jeff Holy, Brad Klippert, Matt Manweller, Ed Orcutt, Jason Overstreet, Elizabeth Scott, Matt Shea David Taylor and Jesse Young.

Jan Angel, Barbara Bailey, Randi Becker, Don Benton, John Braun, Sharon Brown, Bruce Dammeier, Brian Dansel, Doug Ericksen, Joe Fain, Mike Hewitt, Andy Hill, Janéa Holmquist Newbry, Curtis King, Steve Litzow, Steve O’Ban, Mike Padden, Linda Parlette, Kirk Pearson, Ann Rivers, Pam Roach, Mark Schoesler, Tim Sheldon, Rodney Tom, Michael Baumgartner, Jim Hargrove, Jim Honeyford and Mark Mullet.

“As the second largest industry in Washington state, it is critical we do all we can to maintain the economic viability of the state’s food producers,” said John Stuhlmiller, Washington Farm Bureau CEO. “This year’s recipients of the Friend of Farm Bureau award are to be congratulated for their support of agriculture and the 160,000 jobs it provides across the state.”

Click here to see a PDF of WFB’s legislative vote record for 2014.


Washington Farm Bureau Director of Government Relations

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